About the Author

I’m a mother of three, grandmother of six, lived in five different states, and have a day job in customer service. So how did I end up as a children’s book author? I believe a big part of it started with my participation in Girl Scouts and later as a Girl Scout leader. I realize there are many similarities between my involvement in Girl Scouts and my goals as author of the “Girl, You’re A Star” series of children’s books.  

When I was a young girl, I joined a local Girl Scout troop. I look back fondly with memories of friendships, learning and fun! My two favorite things about scouting were selling cookies and earning badges.

Years later, with daughters of my own, I became a Girl Scout leader. As a leader, I encouraged the girls to form friendships while working together to accomplish goals, like raising money so our troop could go camping or horseback riding. We sold lots of cookies and magazine subscriptions, too!

A big part of being a Girl Scout is earning badges. The work that the girls put in to earning badges helps them explore their interests while discovering their likes and dislikes along the way.

Another scouting tradition is the “International” or sometimes “National Fair” (USA). Each Girl Scout troop in the service unit set up a booth to educate the other girls about the food, history, traditions, etc. for their chosen country or state.

And now I have pulled from these past experiences to create the “Girl, You’re A Star” series of children’s books. I plan to complete a book about a girl in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Just like in Girl Scouts, the importance of friendship, learning about girls around our country, and having fun will be emphasized.

My hope is to help every child become the best person they can be!

Sending positivity and love your way,