Our Favorites

When my grandchildren come to visit, we enjoy doing puzzles and playing games with a United States theme. Shown is a sample of some of our favorites!

Planning a

Planning a “patriotic” themed photo shoot can be a fun way to teach children about the symbols of the United States. The first thing to do is to come up with ideas for props. Some examples are: flags, Statue of Liberty, apple pie, patriotic themed quilts. Next, figure out what to wear. Anything red, white 

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Let’s learn about state flags. This topic is a great one for adults and children to work on together.

Tasks: Buy a copy of your state flag that is suitable for framing. I found a bandana of the Missouri flag that was perfect for this project. After ironing the bandana, I mounted it to a matboard, popped it into a frame, and now I have artwork to display! Next step is to find out 

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Let’s Have Fun and Celebrate the USA Blog!

My goal for this blog is simple: All I want to do is to find as many fun ways to teach children about the United States as I can. One of my favorite ways to do this is through cooking. Idea #1: Let’s make chocolate gravy. If you are from one of our southern states, 

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